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Online Store



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for details on the all new and game changing​
MTW !!!

Check out how to help  veterans through this amazing organization

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Rage is proud to announce the new    
MTW from Wolverine!
​​This weapon is going to revolutionize the way we view airsoft rifles. It simplifies HPA at the same time it maximizes it. Easy to use, extremely durable, and designed at a zero variance level. INVENTORY WILL BE LIMITED, TAKING RESERVATIONS NOW!

Check out what PolarStar has coming out! The awesome F2 is already out, but they now have the offset nozzle for it! After bringing to us the brilliant MSR regulator, they decided to make an even smaller model and are using it for their new tank stock system!

High quality that surpasses high cost rifles at
an unbeatable price​​

Airsoft rifles with your wants and needs at the heart of the building process

High quality upgraded airsoft

The way YOU want​ it with quality and performance in mind

  • Upgraded AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns)
                                    -Automatic Rifles​

  • Upgraded HPA (High Pressure Air)
                                    -automatic rifles

  • Upgraded spring Sniper rifles

​All on request....if we don't have it...just tell us what you want and we will design and build it for you!
Take a look at our own

Like one of our creations but it isnt exactly what you were looking for? 

email or call us with what you are looking for and we will get

back to you asap with the worry free, non-binding, estimate.


Upgrade and Repair Services for Assault, sniper, pistol, and light machine gun systems

  • AEG to HPA conversion
  • Spring to HPA conversion (sniper)
  • Internal and external component Repair and upgrades
  • Accessory mounting and adjusting
  • Optic mounting and adjusting
  • Magazine Repair and upgrades
  • After Factory Inspections​

 Limited lifetime warranty details:
Our warranty covers all repairs, after factory inspections, and custom work from Rage Custom Airsoft for the first 90 days after the repair, customizing, or sale.  This is a full coverage (parts and labor) protection on any manufacturing defects or customization failures. Normal wear and tear or abuse is not covered. Any work performed on the item by another company or individual voids this Rage Custom Airsoft warranty. The customer is responsible for shipping costs to us. We cover only the shipping that returns the airsoft system to the customer.
After the first 90 days, the warranty covers labor only. This is for as long as you own your system. Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the repair, customization, or after factory inspection. Proof of purchase or services must be provided.